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Calisthenics Full Body Workout: Trust

During Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power, Jiren was a force to be reckoned with and no single Universe 7 Z-Fighter could defeat him no matter what power level they achieved on their own. However, when the two worst of enemies decided to instill their "trust" into one another and trusted the process, they created a force that Jiren couldn't even handle and along with Seventeen, they defeated the powerful Jiren.

Goal(s) and Challenge(s):

This full body calisthenics workout, Trust, will have cosletes and cosplayers train some of the basic movements in calisthenics to help them, build strength, endurance and help them progress into more advance exercises.

Calisthenics Trust Workout Details:

Complete 10-15 repetitions for each exercise

Complete 3-4 sets for each superset

Rest 60-90 seconds between each superset

Calisthenics Trust Exercises:

1. Push Up Superman + Donkey Kicks

2. Australian Rows + Lateral Lunges

3. Plank Down Ups + Hip Bridges

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