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Dragon Ball Z: Cooler Workout

Dragon Ball Z Cooler Workout

How would it feel to go up against Frieza's brother, Cooler on the battle field?

Fictional to Functional: Dragon Ball Z Cooler Workout

Frieza took Goku through a battle of his life time but was defeated thanks to Goku's Saiyan spirit. But who would have thought Frieza had any siblings? In the Dragon Ball Z film, Cooler's Revenge, fans find out that Frieza has an older brother named, Cooler and was on a mission to get revenge on the Saiyan that killed his brother. Just like the battle between Frieza and Goku, Cooler challenges Goku with his advance fighting skills, ultimate strength and his own hidden transformation. Goku and Cooler go toe-to-toe executing their fight skills, releasing energy blasts and taking the fight up to the sky and even down into the water. Although warriors in our world won't be flying, shooting energy blasts or fighting under water, this Dragon Ball Z inspired Cooler workout will have warriors complete a series of exercises that will portray some of the challenges Goku experienced when battling Cooler.

Cooler Workout Details:

Complete 1 set of each exercise in sequential format.

Cooler Workout Exercises:

Flying Punch

Negative Squats

Planche Push Ups

Standing Back Row

Straight Punches + Spin Hook Kick

Pull Ups

Box Jumps

Jab + Cross + Flying Knee

Negative Push Ups

Exercise Alternatives:

Flying Punch > Squat Jump + Cross Punch

Planche Push Ups > Diamond Push Ups

Pull Ups > Dead Hang for 30-60 seconds

Box Jumps > Jump Squats

Flying Knee > Jump Squat + 2x Knees

Negative Push Ups > Standard Push Ups

Equipment Required:

Dumbbells, Plyo Box

Anime inspired workout based off Dragon Ball Z evil villain, Cooler

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