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Featured Cosplaying Couple: Somy and Louie

Dragon Ball Super Cosplay

There’s no doubt we are Dragon Ball fans at Initial Mile which should be no surprise to why we wanted to feature this next cosplaying couple! We had the pleasure of meeting these two at Sac Anime 2023 and loved their comical personalities and positive vibes. If you’re thinking about designing your first cosplay or are on the search for some new ideas, Somy and Louie may be some inspiration for you.

Joining the Cosplay Community Somy and Louie are cosplayers located in Chino, CA and have been cosplaying for quite some time now. Between the two, Louie has been cosplaying for about 6 years, followed by Somy who has immersed herself into the world of cosplay for 3 years and counting. Since joining the community, some of their favorite conventions include LA Comic Con, Sac Anime and Fanime.

Cosplay Inspiration They both were inspired to join the community through their favorite literary forms, comics and manga! Somy first dove into the Marvel universe comics as an X-Men fanatic and then discovered the DC universe comics shortly after, while Louie immersed himself in his favorite Japanese manga, Berserk. Through their individual interests, they both learned about the cosplay world, designed and built their first cosplays, Ivy and Guts.

Cosplay Commitment Depending on the cosplay of choice, cosplays can be purchased, be used as-is, modified or can be created from scratch. If cosplayers decide to create their own cosplay from scratch, the design and building process can take weeks, months and sometimes even an entire year to finish. Some cosplayers may choose to build only one cosplay to model for the entire year while others, such as Somy and Louie, may decide to bring all their cosplay ideas into full fruition and model multiple pieces.

Berserk Cosplay

Somy spent about a month to complete her first cosplay, Christmas Ivy and Louie spent about 6 months building pieces of armor for his first cosplay, Guts. Although their Dragon Ball cosplays, Cheelai and Broly were purchased, Somy and Louie still had to put in their own effort to match makeup to the bodysuit and design accessory pieces from scratch such as Broly’s green pelt. Some other cosplays of theirs include Punchline, Mista Guido, Cat Woman, Namor, Tsunade, Jiraiya and more.

Tool Tips from Somy and Louie Thinking about your first or next cosplay is one thing, but thinking about cosplay tools to actually make the cosplay itself is another. Based on Somy’s and Louie’s experience, some cosplaying tools and items they recommend include EVA foam, velcro strips, glue gun, acrylic paint, a utility knife and one of the most basic but essential tools, a ruler. And don’t forget about the emergency cosplay toolbox for cosplay mishaps at conventions. Their cosplay emergency toolbox includes safety pins and body paint.

Outside of Cosplay Outside of the cosplay world, Somy and Louie also immerse their self into the fitness lifestyle. Louie has been bodybuilding for 15-years and would love to have ultra human strength like some of our favorite anime hero’s and Somy is a former competitive swimmer who is now conditioning herself to achieve the attributes of Avatar’s Korra. Somy and Louie spend about 3-5 days a week focusing on their weight training goals.

Ivy Cosplay

Go Follow Them Whether a first-time cosplayer attending their first convention or a seasoned cosplaying enthusiast, Somy and Louie would like to remind you to cosplay whoever you want to cosplay as and not stress too much about making your cosplay perfect. Finally, they would like to share “just have fun”, “always be kind”, and “be safe!” If you would like to connect with Somy and Louie, please follow them on their social networks!


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