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Hero Fit: Broly Workout

This anime inspired was based off the battle between the Z-Fighters and the ultimate Saiyan, Broly. Broly is a legendary Super Saiyan who was exiled to a wasteland planet due to his extraordinary powers. Fighting a Saiyan like Broly will take every ounce of both mental and physical strength. Cosplayers will be challenged in their muscular strength, muscular power, cardio endurance, agility and fight abilities to survive this fight.

Broly Workout Details:

Complete 1 set of each exercise in sequential format.

Broly Workout Exercises:

Straight Punches

Round House Kicks

Jump Rope

Box Jumps

Push Ups

Push Up Hold

Bicep Curl + Sqat + Shoulder Press

Pull Ups

Jab + Cross + Round House Kicks

Chest press

Equipment Required:

Dumbbells, Pull Up Bar, Jump Rope, Plyo Box

Anime inspired workout based on the battle between Goku black and Goku challenging cosplayers to complete 9 exercises.

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