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Hero Fit: Cell Workout

Cell was the villainous created by Dr. Geron the Dragon Ball Z universe. Cell's villainous abilities included:

Ultimate strength

Ultimate speed

Flying abilities

Limb regeneration

Energy absorption

Cell gave the Saiyan warriors one of the hardest battles in the Dragon Ball Z series. With the tail he was given, he can absorb energy from any living being, has the ability to regenerate his limbs and has transcendent strength and power. Fighting a villain with limb regeneration and energy absorption abilities can be almost impossible to defeat. This anime inspired workout will challenge cosletes and cosplayers muscular strength, muscular endurance and fighting abilities.

Workout: You VS. Cell

Equipment Required: Jump Rope, Dumbbells, Plyo BoxBench (optional), Punching Bag

Anime inspired workout based on the battle between Goku and Cell challenging cosplayers in 9 exercises.

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