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Hero Fit: Darth Maul Workout

Although this is not the typical anime, Dragon Ball inspired workout, this workout was inspired by the first fictional series I became a fan of even before Dragon Ball, Star Wars! The Star Wars universe has an expansive list of Sith Lords, but one of the Sith Lords that I quickly became a fan of was, Darth Maul. His first appearance in Star Wars The Phantom Menace was so "bone chilling". This was a Sith who did not need to say any words for us to know he was a major a threat. Darth Maul's strengths included:

No fear

Strong with the Force

Double saber handling skills

Martial Arts fighting skills and tactics

Fighting a Sith like Darth Maul will take patience, agility and keen eye to maneuver around his double saber and martial arts skills to respond back with an effective tactic. This won't be the last time we fight against this Sith demon.

Workout: You VS. Maul

Equipment Required: Jump Rope, Pull Up Bar, Plyo Box, Punching Bag (Optional)

Training Target: Muscle Endurance, Agility and Speed

Star Wars inspired workout based on the battle with Darth Maul challenging cosplayers to complete 7 exercises.

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