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Hero Fit: King Piccolo Workout

King Piccolo is one of the early cold hearted, power-hungry, Namekian villains the Dragon Ball universe. King Piccolos' villainous abilities included:

Limb Extension Abilities

Regenerate Limbs

Speed of Light

Super Hearing

Super Strength

King Piccolo is a unique villain due to his limb extension abilities and his ability to regenerate his limbs as long as his head is intact. Fighting a villain with the limb extension ability can be challenging. It's up to you as a Saikou Sapian fighter to be able to duck, jump and slip away from these fast, extending limbs to prevent from being caught in a fluster of attacks.

Workout: You VS. King Piccolo

Equipment Required: Dumbbells, Bench (optional), Punching Bag (Optional)

Punching Bag (Optional)

Training Target: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardio Endurance, Agility and Speed

Anime inspired workout based on the battle between Goku and King Piccolo challenging cosplayers in 9 exercises.

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