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Hero Fit: Vegeta Workout

Although he is now a friend, some would say almost family at that, Vegeta wasn't always too fond of Kakarot and the other Z-Fighters. In the early series of Dragon Ball, Prince Vegeta was introduced as the Saiyan prince who was on a mission to find the Dragon Ball's to wish for immortality and if anyone were to stand in his way, they would be destroyed. During the process, Vegeta encounters Goku and so began the legendary battle and long-lasting rivalry between the two to prove who is the strongest Saiyan. This anime inspired workout will have cosplay warriors lifting, pulling, jumping and fighting their way to a winning battle.

Vegeta Workout Details:

Complete 1 set of each exercise in sequential format.

Vegeta Workout Exercises:

Lateral Jumps

Push Up + Renegade Row

Dumbbell Swing + Snatch + Squat + Press

Straight Punches

Jab + Cross + Spin Hook Kick

Cross Punches

Box Jump + Front Kick

Low + High Round House Kick

Chest Press

Exercise Alternatives:

Lateral Jumps > Skaters

Dumbbell Swing + Snatch + Squat + Press > Bicep Curl + Squat + Press

Box Jump + Front Kick > Squat + Front Kick

Equipment Required:

Dumbbells, Bench, Plyo Box

Anime inspired workout based on the battle between Goku black and Goku challenging cosplayers to complete 9 exercises.

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