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About Initial Mile

Initial Mile's Super Saikou waiving to visitors.

I'm the Saikou a.k.a. Supreme of Initial Mile's training capsule. I'm here to help you anime fans adapt, evolve and ascend into the hero of your universe by achieving the aesthetics, abilities and confidence through our fictional to functional workouts.


Initial Mile founder Kelvin Brillante posing in a plaid shirt and Initial Mile hat

Initial Mile Was Created by me, Kelvin

I’m a certified exercise physiologist under the American College of Sports Medicine, Kickboxing coach, former competitor in kickboxing, former endurance athlete and self-taught graphic designer. Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Initial Mile was originally created to share training tips and workouts for runners, triathletes and obstacle course racers as an effort to inspire athletes alike, including myself to stay fit while the world was shutdown and racing was temporarily unavailable. During this time we all needed to find motivation to maintain our health and continue on to achieve personal fitness goals. Because it was competition that pushed me to be my fittest, I had to find motivation somewhere else, and that "somewhere" else came from my favorite childhood and still favorite anime, Dragon Ball. Instead of training for racing performance, I readjusted my goals to train and become the Saiyan of my universe. This meant, to not only become faster, but to become stronger, more powerful and build a larger physique. This was the start of my body transformation and Initial Mile's mission.

Cosplay Days

During my competitive days, I simultaneously dabbled in cosplay! I was either walking the convention floors as a Gryffindor Mandalorian mash-up or jumping around as a modern day Spiderman. My next cosplay plan was Uub from Dragon Ball GT, but again, the world shutdown; To this day, I still haven't fulfilled this cosplay but I'm surely still working on developing Uub's body and abilities!

Combining my passions for fitness and cosplay, Initial Mile gradually transformed into an anime inspired fitness and lifestyle blog to help anime fans and cosplayers not only dress as their favorite fictional hero but to also develop that warriors traits through our fictional to functional workouts, training programs and fit tips.

What is Fictional to Functional Fitness

Fictional to Functional Fitness is an original term we created that was inspired by watching the Saiyans train and battle. Dragon Ball is one of the main series that kept me motivated to continue my path to look, move and train like them, but I knew realistically it would be impossible to completely "Saiyan-up" due to the fact that some of the training they were executing just weren't achievable in our human world or some movements were too advance for the new aspiring warrior; makes's a cartoon.

Some of their training included but was not limited to swimming from sharks, training in a gravity chamber, running at the speed of light, training with a 200 pound martial arts uniform and battling it out with alien threats. Although it would be impossible or difficult to execute some of these events, it doesn't mean we can't try to simulate them. So, to make training fun and achievable, Initial Mile takes inspiration from these fictional scenarios and creates safe, realistic and functional workouts to simulate the events to the best of our abilities and put you, the cosplaying warrior, in your favorite fictional heroes shoes to achieve identical gains.

We Strive to Provide Balance

Although there are a lot of companies and brands out on the web sharing their own workouts, tips and content, I strive to do one thing better than any other and that is to provide the “balance” between training styles and practices with realistic approaches. Initial Mile's fitness training capsule include kickboxing, running, calisthenics, weight training and yoga guides that can help cosplayers achieve their goals in a well-balanced manner.

Initial Mile's founder posing with Chun-Li cosplayer at Sac Anime expo

As Initial Mile Continues to Grow...

I hope to bridge the gap between the fitness and anime fan world and to help my fellow anime nerds not only look like their favorite fictional hero, but to also achieve both the physical and mental strengths. If you share the same passions, subscribe to our email list to get access to our digital magazine. Hope to meet you all at future conventions!


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