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Meet Initial Mile

Initial Mile founder

Initial Mile Mission

Initial Mile is an anime inspired fitness and lifestyle blog with a mission to help fans adapt, evolve and ascend to achieve their desired fit abilities and warrior lifestyle through our anime inspired fictional to functional workouts, training programs and anime related content.

Who is Kelvin?

Hi everyone. I’m Kelvin. I’m a certified exercise physiologist, martial artist, former endurance athlete, self-taught graphic designer, Star Wars fan and of course, anime fan; specifically, Dragon Ball.

Fitness Background

Athletics has been a part of my life since the age of five when I started Taekwondo at my local dojo under Master Dan Choi in San Jose, CA. After many years under Master Choi, I joined different martial art schools and made my final transition to enter the amateur fighting ranks training with the USH Fight Team under Cung Le and Coach Alan where I mastered my skills in kickboxing, Muay Thai and San Shou. After about three years of amateur fighting and realizing I enjoyed the "art" in martial arts more than the "combat" aspect of it, I made a transition into the world of endurance sports. This transition took me on an eight year journey racing competitively in long distance running, duathlons, triathlons and obstacle course racing.

Mandalorian Cosplay

The Fan In Me

I've nerded out on Star Wars and Dragon Ball since my childhood days. As a child I would collect everything Star Wars from toys, books, cards and even food products that had Star Wars on it. I loved the storylines, the characters and of course, the lightsaber battles; I also cosplayed as a Mando-Harry Potter combination with the wife at Disney's 2017, D23 Expo. However, Dragon Ball is what completely influenced me to be the fittest me and one main reason I grew up following a martial arts lifestyle. Although I do love the modern day series and storylines, my favorite series has always been Dragon Ball, The Tournament Saga when young Goku and Krillin were still training under Master Roshi; As a former fighter myself, this series just related to me a bit more in the real world. I was always amazed by their warrior spirit, fighting skills, muscular physique and definitely their Super, not yet Saiyan, powers. After seeing Goku turn Super Saiyan for the first time going up against Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, I strived to become a Saiyan as a child and still try to achieve their warrior ways to this day, but of course, with a more educated, well-thought-out plan.

Initial Mile Head Videographer

If you’ve been a cosplayer in one of our cosplaying music videos, chances are that I was not alone. Although I may be behind the camera at certain events, Initial Mile’s head videographer is Adrian; the tattooed up, down-to-earth, social butterfly! Between us two, Adrian always had the more creative eye for detail. Back in 2021, Adrian completed his education in communication and media, and continued to master his craft in photography and videography through local wedding events and music videos. Adrian is a former basketball player, dance choreographer, triathlete and can now be found gaming online or like most of us, geeking out on anime!


What are Fictional to Functional Workouts?

Fictional to functional is a phrase I developed to describe Initial Mile's anime inspired workouts! Majority of the workouts warriors will see on Initial Mile are fictional to functional workouts. In other words, I'm taking scenes from an anime such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Baki and the occasional Star Wars scenes etc. and converting fictional scenarios and battles into realistic workouts. As I watch these scenes, I ask myself "how could I train for this battle if it happened in real life?", "how would it feel to be on the battleground with some of the strongest villains?" or "what realistic fitness ability would be our worlds equivalent to a fictional super power such as executing an energy blast?". Based on what I watch, I create workouts with realistic approaches.

Putting It All Together

Although I transitioned from one sport to another or one hobby to another, there was always one driving factor that inspired me to stay fit, Dragon Ball. On my way to my fights, I would be in the backseat watching Dragon Ball. The night before a race, Dragon Ball. Before a scheduled workout, Dragon Ball. Random workout, due to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball has always been my driver for optimal health. I now hope that I can help fans alike do the same through Initial Mile's anime inspired fictional to functional workouts, training programs and Initial Mile's blog that share my thoughts, knowledge and experience.

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