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Run Workout: Kai'sRun

Remember when Goku went on to train with King Kai to improve his strength and power to defeat Nappa and Vegeta? One of Goku's first training requirements was to catch King Kai's pet monkey, Bubbles but not only catch Bubbles at normal gravity but at 10x the gravity.

Run Workout Focus:

The following run workout will have coslete cosplayers sprint at various speeds followed with burpees which really mimics the times Goku stumbles over in attempts to catch the speedy little furball!

Light Speed Run Workout Detail:

Complete all sprints in sequential format

Rest 60 seconds between each sprint. Complete longer rest as necessary.

Complete the workout within the 9-10 RPE range

King Kai's Run:

Sprint 1: 30 sec. + 5 Burpees


Sprint 2: 90 sec. + 7 Burpees


Sprint 3: 15 sec. + 9 Burpees


Sprint 4: 20 sec. + 11 Burpees


Sprint 5: 60 sec. + 9 Burpees


Sprint 6: 90 sec. + 7 Burpees


Sprint 7: 30 sec. + 5 Burpees


Anime inspired run workout based on Dragon Ball's King Kai's training method challenging cosplayers to complete 7 sprints.

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