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Run Workout: Nimbus Run

Behind the Workout:

This anime inspired run workout is based on the only flying cloud we all know, Goku's Flying Nimbus. Before learning how to fly, Master Roshi gifted Goku with Flying Nimbus. This flying cloud took Goku all over the world in lightning speeds, has gone through many journeys with Goku and has also been a hero itself. This run workout will require cosplay warriors to run at some of their fastest speeds for an extended amount of time similar to how Nimbus traveled at fast speeds for long distances.

Fictional to Functional:

According to the Dragon Ball fandom page, Flying Nimbus can travel at 400 mph; this is much faster than our world's fastest car and obviously faster than the fastest man on earth. Although we don't have flying clouds in our world to quickly get us from one point to the other, we can still train our own body by completing long intervals to run efficiently, swiftly and "sore" for extensive distances with minimal effort if and when needed.

Workout Implementation:

To maintain balance between all other training practices, it’s recommended to complete a run workout at least 1x/week at minimum.

Training Equipment:


The Run Workout:

Sprint 1: 5 Minutes

Rest: 60 sec.

Sprint 2: 4 Minutes

Rest: 60 sec.

Sprint: 3 Minutes

Rest: 60 sec.

Sprint 4: 2 Minutes

Rest: 60 sec.

Sprint 5: 1 Minute


Anime inspired run workout challenging cosplayers to complete 5 sprints.

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