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Top Cosplaying Tools Under $50

Depending on your experience and the cosplay idea you have in mind, bringing your cosplay vision to life may be daunting at the start but with a detailed plan, patience and the right tools, anything is possible. After a few years of cosplaying and trial and error, here is a list of tools under $50 that helped me bring my cosplay ideas into full fruition.

Heat Gun

The heat gun will give you the ability to form fit body pieces such as chest plates, shoulder plates, arm guards etc.


A Dremel can help create fine details through cutting, grinding, sharpening, sanding and shaping pieces of your cosplay such as chest plates, shoulder plates, helmets, weapons etc.

Fabric Glue

Although not exactly a tool, fabric glue is an essential item for your cosplay toolbox. Compared to other types of glue, fabric glues are made with acrylic instead of resin and is more water-resistant and holds better in washes while maintaining the flexibility.

Rotary Knife

A rotary knife is best for long straight cuts that allows you to achieve precise cuts.

Utility Knife

Similar to a rotary knife, a utility knife can help cut straight lines but is more versatile allowing you to maneuver it in different directions to cut at different angles.

Fabric Scissors

Fabric scissors are designed with a longer blade and are sharper than regular scissors making it easier to cut through different types of fabrics. However do note, fabric scissors should only be used on fabric. If used on other material such as paper, the blades will become dull faster.

Cutting Mat

A decent cutting mat can last you for years. A cutting mat will protect your work surfaces and allow more efficient cuts when combined with a rotary or utility knife.

Spray Paint Gun

A spray paint gun can speed up the painting process when painting larger pieces such as helmet, body pieces, leg pieces etc. and result in a smoother looking surface. Keep in mind that a brush should be used for finer details. If you’re not ready for a spray paint gun, I’ve used a spray paint can handle which also worked well.

Sandpaper + Sandpaper Block

Sandpaper can help you shape your plastic cosplay pieces into the form you desire however this should be completed with a sandpaper block. The block will provide a sturdier and even sanding surface compared to simply holding the sandpaper with your fingertips that can possibly cause indentations. Take note that there are different types of sandpaper “grits”. The lower the number such as 60 grit is more “coarse” compared to a higher number such as 320 which is considered “ultra fine”.

Goggles and Gloves

Although these aren’t tools that directly help you create your cosplay, these are must-have tools for your own safety to protect your hands and eyes! No further explanation needed.

3D printers and the Cricut do exist to make cosplaying more convenient, however, if you’re not looking to break the bank like myself, as long as you have the will, the patience and a plan, almost any cosplay idea can be brought to life.

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