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Anime Inspired Fight Fit Workout: Wolf Fang Fist

Anim inspired fight fit workout Wolf Fang Fist

This anime inspired fight fit workout, Wolf Fang Fist can help warriors fight and move like Dragon Ball's human warrior, Yamcha.

Fictional to Functional Workout:

This Fight Fit workout was inspired by one of Dragon Ball's human warriors, Yamcha. Although we don't see much of Yamcha in Dragon Ball Super series, Yamcha has proven to be a fierce warrior who can go into battle with some of the toughest opponents and villains in the earlier Dragon Ball series. In the world tournament series, Yamcha goes up against, now friend, Tien. In this battle, Yamcha demonstrates a series of unbelievable abilities as a human warrior. He executes multiple hand strikes and kicks which almost seems like at the speed of light, takes the fight into the sky and uses his famous wolf fang fist attack that enhances his speed, agility and power as he strikes Tien. We human warriors won't be taking any fights up into sky or moving at wolf like speeds, but we can still increase the speed and power of our strikes to our real world equivalent of Yamcha's abilities. This anime inspired fight fit workout, Wolf Fang Fist will have warriors executing a series of both essential and advance attacks to train overall speed, agility, power and fighting abilities.

Workout Implementation:

To maintain balance between all other training practices, it’s recommended to complete a fight fit workout at least 3x/week at minimum.

Training Equipment:

Punching Bag

Boxing Gloves

Hand wraps

Anime Inspired Fight Fit Workout:

Round 1: Low Jab + Cross + Hook + Uppercut + Hook + Flying Punch

Round 2: Jab + Spin Elbow + Right and Left Knee + Right Round House Kick + Flying Knee

Round 3: Jab + Cross + Axe Kick + Round House Kick + Spin Back Kick

Clinch Exercise: Wolf Fang Lateral Jumps

Anime inspired fight fit workout wolf fang fist

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