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Yoga: Glutes and Core Flow

yoga Glutes and Core Flow

This yoga hybrid flow routine, Glutes and Core Flow can help warriors build strength and move more confidently.

Without established leg strength and a strong core, it may be difficult for warriors to achieve peak abilities. To ensure you can execute your most powerful punches, kicks, execute powerful lifts or jump with ease, it's imperative that your glutes and core are well developed. This yoga hybrid flow routine, Glutes and Core can help warriors take their abilities to the next level.

Yoga Glute and Core Flow:

Improved mobility

Improved flexibility

Improved core strength

Improved glute strength

Improved muscular aesthetics

Yoga Glute and Core Flow Details:

Complete each exercise in sequential format.

Follow repetition and time length provided for each exercise.

Glute and Core Flow Routine:

Seated side bend

Seated wall angels

Seated spinal rotation

Cat and cow

Fire hydrants

Donkey kicks

Bear crawl

Extended plank hold

Prone hamstring curls

Side lying hip abduction

Boat hold

Childs pose

Glute and Core Flow Exercise Alternatives:

Seated spinal rotation > Seated side bend

Bear crawl > Bird dogs

Extended plank hold > standard plank hold

Boat hold > Boat hold knees bent

Coach Saikou Notes:

  • Modify breaths or time length for each exercise.

  • Execute each exercise at your own comfort level.

  • As you complete the wall angels, pull the elbows back to open the chest and retract the shoulder blades as you pull your arms back down.

  • Hold straight arms above your head during the extended plank hold.

  • Quads should be lifted above the ground during the prone hamstring curls.

Yoga hip and back flow

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