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Initial Mile provides anime inspired workouts, training programs, fit resources, and cosplay related content that can help fans alike achieve their desired anime fit abilities, desired physique and drive their next cosplay vision into full fruition.


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Hero Fit Workout 12 was inspired by the legendary battle between the Z-Fighters and the ultimate Saiyan, Broly. Cosplayers will be challenge in their muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, mental strength and fighting abilities.



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We've had the pleasure to work with Jacqui Shook multiple times and her cosplays never cease to amaze us. She is a graphic designer, web designer, crafter, master artist and Bay Area cosplayer! Learn more about Jacqui Shook and her insight on the cosplaying lifestyle.


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Nutrition: What's The Closest Senzu Bean Equivalent?

If you're a Dragon Ball fan, you already know that the Z-Fighters have the Senzu Bean in the universe that can instantly heal them from injuries as long as their heart is still beating. Unfortunately, in our human world, these don't yet exist but we do have beans that hold similar health properties!

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