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About Initial Mile

About Initial Mile

I'm the Saikou a.k.a. Supreme of Initial Mile. I'm here to help aspiring warriors adapt, evolve and ascend to become the hero of their universe by building resiliency, a powerful mindset, and unlocking new levels of power, strength, endurance, speed and agility.


Initial Mile was created by me, Kelvin B. I’m a certified exercise physiologist under the American College of Sports Medicine, martial artist since 5 years old with training from various styles, former endurance athlete, self-taught graphic designer and of course, anime fan; specifically Dragon Ball.

Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Initial Mile was originally created to share training tips and workouts for runners, triathletes and obstacle course racers. After about 2 years into the blog, I realized that a lot of my success and motivation to be a top competitor transpired from multiple practices during my competitive days and I had more to share with the world outside of enudrance training. In addition to my triathlon training, the combination of martial arts, calisthenics, weight training and yoga also played a large role to unlocking new levels of performance.

Although there are a lot of companies and brands out on the web sharing their own workouts, tips and content, I strive to do one thing better than any other and that is to provide the “balance” between training styles with realistic approaches when achieving Saikou (Supreme) levels of fitness. If you know Dragon Ball and the Saiyan race, they are well-balanced warriors who have mastered multiple training practices that give them the ability to come out triumphant against universal threats. They have the power, strength, endurance, speed, agility and mobility, showcase their mastery in multiple martial art styles during battle, but most importantly, possess a mindset to be resilient and overcome any challenge. With time and dedication, we can follow a similar path and also achieve advance skills and abilities.

Outside of fitness, I am an “artsy-fartsy” type of nerd. I created majority of Initial Mile designs on Ink-Scape such as our balance logo, Spirit Wolf and Character, Silver Saikou. I was also a dabbler in cosplay but now more of a fan of the culture; You may just see myself and my media partner, Adrian Y. out at conventions covering video and photo shoots with artists and cosplayers!

Combining my fitness and anime passions, Initial Mile was transformed into an anime inspired fitness and lifestyle digital magazine providing anime inspired visual workouts, training programs, training tips, anime and cosplay lifestyle content to help fans alike adapt, evolve and ascend into the warrior of their universe.

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