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Shoulder Mobility Yoga Flow

How can we increase our shoulder mobility and flexibility like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece?

Fictional to Functional Workout:

If we think about the warriors in the anime universe, it's common to first think about how "jacked" some of these anime characters are and rarely think about other factors that make them the warriors they are such as flexibility and mobility. Now if we think about who the most flexibile and mobile character is in the anime universe, one anime character that may come to mind first is Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece! Although his range of motion is beyond our reach in the human world, it's still possible to achieve super flexibility and mobility, if not, at least a healthy range of flexibility and mobility that will allow us to complete regular daily activities without aches or pains. This anime inspired workout, will require warriors to complete a series of basic and intermediate exercises that can help improve overall shoulder mobility and flexibility.

Shoulder Mobility Flow

Seated Side Bend

Seated Wall Angels

Seated Spinal Rotation

Cat and Cow

Cobra Stretch


Cobra Pose

Crescent Lunge

Triangle Pose

Clasped Forward Fold

Exercise Alternatives:

Seated Spinal Rotation > Rotate with hands at heart

Downward dog > Childs Pose

Crescent Lunge > Crescent Lunge with Hands on Hips

Triangle Pose > Standing Side Bend

Shoulder Mobility Flow

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