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Yoga: High Kick Dynamic Flow

Yoga High Kick Dynamic Flow

This yoga flow routine, High Kick Dynamic Flow, targets improving the height of a round house kick.

The round house kick is one of the "bread and butter" kicks when it comes to battle. Warriors can execute low round house kicks aiming for shins, knees or quads, mid round house kicks aiming for the hips and rib cage, or can execute high round house kicks aiming for the head. Although high kicks look impressive and can cause significant damage to the head, it would not be possible if there is a lack of flexibility and mobility in the legs and hips. This yoga flow routine, High Kick Dynamic Flow can help warriors improve the flexibility and mobility in the hips and legs to execute higher round house kicks.

Who's This For?

Suitable for all levels

High Kick Dynamic Flow:

Improved mobility

Improved flexibility

Target key regions to improve kicking height.

High Kick Dynamic Flow Details:

Complete each exercise in sequential format.

Follow breath count for each exercise

High Kick Dynamic Flow Routine:

Leg swings

Walking toe touches

Gate openers

Crescent lunge

Half split

Deep squat

Lateral lunge

Downdog toe touch

Tree pose

Standing toe hold

Tree pose

Round house kick hold

High Kick Dynamic Flow Exercise Alternatives:

Walking toe touches > Standing hamstring stretch

Downward dog toe touch > Downward dog (no toe touch)

Crescent lunge > Crescent lunge with hands on hips

Tree pose > Standing overhead arm stretch

Standing toe hold > Supported standing single leg hamstring stretch

Coach Saikou Notes:

  • Modify breaths or time length for each exercise.

  • Execute each exercise at your own comfort level.

  • If you can't reach your toes during the downward dog toe touch, reach for your shin, knee or quad.

  • Place leg on elevated surface for the supported standing single leg hamstring stretch.

  • Place leg on elevated surface or wall for the round house kick hold.

Yoga High Kick Dynamic Flow

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