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Yoga: Yoga Balance Flow

Yoga Balance Flow

This yoga flow routine, Balance Flow can help warriors not only improve mobility and flexibility but also overall balance.

Any warrior can punch, kick, lift, throw and muscle their way through battles but peak performance would not be possible without mastering balance. This yoga flow routine, Balance Flow can help warriors master their balancing abilities which in return can help execute peak performance power.

Who's This For?

Intermediate and advance levels

Yoga Balance Flow Benefits:

Improve mobility

Improve flexibility

Improve core strength

Improve balance abilities

Yoga Balance Flow Details:

Complete each exercise in sequential format.

Follow breath counts

Yoga Balance Flow Routine:

Seated side bend

Seated spinal rotation

Single leg hamstring stretch

Cobra pose

Downward dog

Crescent lunge

Lizard lunge

Deep lateral lunge

Tree pose

Single leg toe hold

Warrior 3 pose

Deep squat

Yoga Balance Flow Exercise Alternatives:

Lizard lunge > Deep front lunge

Tree pose > Standing overhead stretch

Warrior 3 pose > Warrior 2 pose

Coach Saikou Notes:

  • Modify breaths length for each exercise

  • Execute each exercise at your own comfort level.

  • Use a wall for additional support on the warrior 3 pose.

Yoga Balance Flow

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